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Wellness Champions for Change

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This project has two main goals: to bring together teams of teachers, administrators, staff and parents to carry out the school system’s wellness policy, and to empower students to advocate for a health-promoting school environment and encourage their peers to make healthy decisions.

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COVID-19 Policies and Childhood Obesity Study

‌‌‌The COVID-19 Policies and Childhood Obesity Study is a four year project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This project works with existing families to learn how COVID-19 policies relate to family routines, children's dietary and physical activity behaviors, and family risk for food insecurity. 

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The Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project (MWPPP) uses a continuous quality improvement model to enhance wellness policy implementation in schools throughout Maryland.  Specifically, assessments are conducted with Maryland schools and school systems, tailored system-level data and evidence-based recommendations are shared with school systems, and technical assistance is provided. 

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Childcare Wellness Policies and Practices Project! In addition to our work with schools, our partnership also works to enhance the health promoting environment in childcare settings throughout Maryland. Two specific projects are ongoing: the Maryland Child Care Wellness Policies and Practices Project and Maryland’s Building Blocks for Healthier Children.

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Evaluation of COVID-19 School Meals Response

The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) worked with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Maryland School Systems (Local Education Agencies or LEAs), and Food Service leadership at three levels (State, LEA, and meal site) to evaluate meal provision during COVID-19-related school closures.

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Other Division Projects

‌The Division of Growth and Nutrition conducts NIH-funded obesity prevention trials among toddlers and adolescents, NIDA-funded follow-up of children prenatally exposed to illegal drugs, an intervention trial of micronutrients and early learning opportunities in India, and monitors the growth and development of young children.

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